Remember the old Kindle DX, a big screen ebook reader that Amazon discontinued some 5 years ago?

Thanks to a Kindle Fan Kelvin Chong who graciously lend us the model, we manage to put Kindle DX side by side with Boox Note Plus for a comparison.


Both of Amazon Kindle DX and BOOX Note Plus eReader has large eInk screen at 9.7″ on the Amazon Kindle DX vs 10.3” on BOOX Note Plus, and hence, both are designed for professional reading. But the similarities probably end here.

  1. For navigation & page turns: Kindle DX comes with buttons & keyboard, just like older generation of ebook readers, whereas BOOX Note Plus has dual electromagnetic touch and capacitive touch for ease of use with Wacom Creative Stylus and fingers.
  2. In terms of resolution, it’s clear that BOOX Note Plus is a winner. After 10 years, e-ink screen technology definitely improves by leaps and bounds!
  3. In terms of book selection, Kindle DX can only read Amazon ebooks, whereas Boox Note Plus can read way more than that, you can read Kobo, Readmoo, Scribd and local library books. In fact, you can even read from two different regional Amazon accounts at the same time at BOOX Android eReader! Furthermore, you can also now export your handwritten notes to your dropbox or Google Drive.



With the absence of Kindle DX, BOOX eReaders from Onyx are here to fill the gap, if we are looking for a big screen ebook reader. We sincerely hope that Amazon will introduce Kindle DX, to shake up the competition once again!




 Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 9.7 

Amazon Kindle DX eReader


All-New BOOX Note Plus


All-New BOOX Note Pro
10.3″ Professional Android eReader 

Price USD489 RM2,478 RM2,888
Screen Size 9.7″ glare-free 10.3″ glare-free 10.3″ glare-free
Resolution 150 ppi 227ppi 227ppi
Text to Speech
Yes, built in speakers Yes, built in Speakers Yes, built in Speakers
Battery Life Weeks Weeks Weeks
Storage 4GB 32GB 64GB
Built-in Light No No Yes – Adaptive Cool & Warm
Page Turns Buttons & Keyboard Touchscreen & Wacom Stylus Pen Touchscreen & Wacom Stylus Pen
Color White Graphite Graphite
Connectivity Wi-Fi + Free 3G Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
Weight 536g 365 g 390 g
Dimensions 264 x 183 x 10 mm 249.5 x 178.8 x 6.8 mm 249.5 x 178.8 x 6.8 mm
Special Offers No Ads, no interruptions No Ads, no interruptions No Ads, no interruptions
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