Lamy AL-Star EMR Digital Pen Black


Get New Lamy Al-Star EMR Pen (Pointier Nib (PC/EL) for Glossy Surfaces in Black gives improved paper like digital writing experience on all BOOX Android eReaders including BOOX TabX, MaxLumi2, NoteAir3C, TabUltraC Pro, Note5, NoteAir2 Plus, TabMiniC & Nova3Color. Works on all Android tablets, smartphones and notebooks, Wacom Cintiq tablet. Endowed with Wacom’s patented EMR technology, the LAMY AL-star black EMR doesn’t need a cord or battery to function, and never needs to be charged. The difference between German designed & made Aluminum body Lamy EMR pen is it gives more paper-like experience to digital writing on ePaper because of fiction, like a 0.35mm pen as compared to Japanese made & durable Plastic Wacom Stylus Pen that gives Light and Smooth writing experience on 1.6mm nib.

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  Brand Diameter Design Pen Clip Eraser Nib Magnetic Shaft 4096-Level Pressure Sensitivity
Lamy EMR 12.0mm Matt black anodised aluminium Yes, Metal Clip Yes, side Soft


No Yes
BOOX 9.5mm With grooves, round shaped No No Stiff


Yes Yes
Wacom 8.5mm Sleek, round-shaped Yes Yes,

Top & side



No Yes
Wacom 10.2mm Sleek, triangle -shaped No Yes,




No Yes



The design of this digital input pen for tablets, smartphones and notebooks is based on the LAMY AL-star rollerball pen. Endowed with Wacom’s patented EMR technology, the LAMY AL-star black EMR doesn’t need a cord or battery to function, and never needs to be charged.

LAMY AL-star black EMR For Digital Writing

Made in Germany

The LAMY AL-star black EMR offers perfect ergonomics and the feeling of a natural writing experience with Pointer Nib for glossy surfaces. With its exchangeable nibs and more than 4,096 pressure levels, it is suitable for composing long texts as well as for making complex sketches and drawings. Thus it combines the advantages of writing manually with the unlimited possibilities of digital processing. It is compatible with most mobile devices that support Wacom EMR technology – for example, ONYX BOOX eReaders, Galaxy Note tablets and Samsung smartphones, as well as many devices from other manufacturers, visit to check for more compatible devices.



Technology: Wacom EMR (patented)
Replaces standard stylus pens (compatible with BOOX Nova 3, BOOX Nova3 Color, BOOX NoteAir, BOOX Note 3, BOOX MaxLumi)
Customisable shortcut key



More than 4,096 pressure levels
Palm rejection
Wireless, battery-free operation
Ergonomic plastic grip



0.35 mm nibs, exchangeable
Matt black anodised aluminium
Metal clip
Includes 2 replacement nibs and tweezers to aid replacement




Changing nibs of digital writing models

Additional information

For Surfaces

Glossy & Smooth Surfaces, Paper-like & Matt Surfaces, Lamy Safari Twin pen EMR




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