Wacom Tips For Wacom Stylus Pen


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Lamy Replacement Tips (4 pieces) for Lamy EMR Pen
When protective films are used, a choice must be made between PC/EL and POM, depending on the glide properties of the film surface. The right choice can only be found by trying out the tips. The rule here is that tips made of PC/EL are suitable for hard and smooth (glass-like) surfaces and tips made of POM are suitable for hard and matt (paper-like) surfaces.

 Wacom Marker Tips (5 pieces) for Wacom Stylus Pen 

  • Replace your marker’s tips often for the best experience
  • 5x replacement Marker tips (pen not included)
  • Comes with replacement tool
  • Easy to replace your marker’s tips

Learn how to replace BOOX Marker Tips For Wacom Stylus Pen from below video:

Additional information

Wacom Nib Types

Lamy 4 PC/EL replacement nibs (R 0.35 mm), Lamy 4 POM replacement nibs (R 0.7 mm), Lamy 4 PC/EL replacement nibs (R 0.7 mm), Wacom 5 PC replacement nibs (R 1.6mm)


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