New BOOX NovaAirC 7.8" Android eReader in Malaysia

Enjoy Same Biz Day Delivery in Klang Valley/Penang or  Free next 2-3 Biz Days Delivery across Malaysia.

New BOOX NovaAir 7.8" (32GB) Android 10 eReader, BOOX Magnetic Stylus & Built in Dual Speakers

Enjoy Same Biz Day Delivery in Klang Valley or  Free next 2-3 Biz Days Delivery across Malaysia.

New BOOX Note Air2 10.3" Android 11 (64GB) eReader

Free 1 Million Kindle eBoooks to Download & Read for Free (6 months)

New BOOX Android eReaders in Malaysia

Enjoy eBooks from Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Libby by Overdrive, Scribd, Kobo Taiwan, Readmoo, 博客来, 微信读书 etc.  You can read, write, draw and take notes just like on real paper.

Glare Free

Glare Free

E Ink Screen Technology
No blue light to disturb your sleep

battery life by Tomasz Pasternak from the Noun Project

Weeks of Battery

In a single charge

books by sandra from the Noun Project

Thousands of Books

Easily buy eBooks from Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Readmoo etc

phablet by Hopkins from the Noun Project

Write, Sketch & Draw

Wacom creative pen technology offers natural pen-to-paper experience


Comes with a 10.3″ High resolution E Ink Mobius™ flexible display, reading with the BOOX eReader feels like reading a physical book.

Different from LED / LCD screen, the E Ink screen significantly alleviate digital eye strain.


Dual Touch Technology4096 Degrees of Pressure Sensitivity.

Pairs with a Wacom Pen, BOOX eReader makes drawing on it feel natural.


BOOX eReader is 6.8mm thin, weight around 325g.

Equip it with a holster embedded Leather Case and a Wacom Pen to make it a very portable & productive device.

Take notes & write stories anytime, anywhere.


Built-in Dual Speakers, Stereophonic Sound Effect.

Listen to audio books or enjoy music while you are reading. Tired of reading? Text-to-speech can read for you from where you left off.

BOOX-Nova3-7.8-Android-eReader-Trade-In-Free-1-Million-eBooks-(1080x1080)-PENJANA-Tax-Relief in Malaysia

BOOX NovaAir 7.8″ Android eReader

Free PU Leather Case + New 7.8″ Flush glass based Screen + Wacom Stylus Pen
12 Months BOOX Standard Warranty in Malaysia & Singapore
Free Same Day Delivery in Klang Valley or Free next 2-3 Biz Days across Malaysia.

RM 1,738

Paper-Light Experience with BOOX

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Trade-in & Save

Trade-in & Save

Get RM50 Off New Amazon Gift Card + Up to 20% Off new BOOX Android eReader by trading in any preloved Kindle eReader, even faulty one are valued min RM50.

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