As a generic ebook reader, being able to support different reading apps is definitely the strength of Boox ereader.

One of the things that avid readers will miss on kindle is Scribd subscription service. Scribd prices at USD 8.99 per month, 1 USD cheaper than Kindle Unlimited for every month. But in terms of offering, Scribd is comparable with Kindle Unlimited, with 1 million books to read for free for each subscription service.

However, a simple comparison between Scribd and Kindle Unlimited shows that whereas Kindle Unlimited features mostly outdated, unpopular books, on Scribd, there are a lot of recent bestsellers. If you want to read current popular books, choosing Scribd is a much better option.

Michelle Obama’s autobiography “Becoming” on Scribd, not available on Kindle Unlimited

A list of popular ebooks on Scribd, Note that Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari can be read on Scribd at no additional charge at all

One of the popular business books published last year was Principles, by a hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio. The book was an instant hit because everyone wants to know how did Ray Dalio made it to become a hedge fund billionaire; what is his secret?

This book was available on Scribd for free, and available on Amazon Kindle ( US edition) for only USD 14.99.

Principles, the ebook, the audiobook and also the documents

Not only that, if you subscribe to Scribd, you can have free access to the audiobook version as well ( which you can also listen on your Boox), as shown in the above screenshot.

Before there was the book Principles, Ray Dalio already laid down his work and life philosophy in a same name PDF document, which was widely circulated on the internet. The book is no more than a polish of the original document. This document is also available on Scribd.

In fact, there are some 60 millions documents hosted on Scribd, which makes Scribd as the largest document repository in the world. You have accessed to Scribd, you have accessed to 60 millions of documents. How cool is that?

Principles, the ebook

Principles, the document. Note that this is less polished than the book

Want to know the secret of Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma? You can learn it for free at Scribd (or at a cost of only USD 10.49 at Amazon US kindle):

Alibaba and Jack Ma, a book

What about magazines? Included are some magazines and newspaper publishers on Scribd such as Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Guardian.

The WSJ on 1MDB

So now, you can read those magazines and newspapers for free on a Boox ereader, if you have Scribd subscription.

Why should I read newspapers and magazines on ebook readers? Can’t I read them on tablets or computers?

You can read Scribd content, on Boox ereader or on computers or on tablets. But as e-ink glare-free reader, Boox doesn’t strain your eyes when you are reading. If you are an avid reader, ereader is a lot better than tablets or computers, no argument about that.

To put it simply, the best way to utilize a Scribd subscription is to read the content on a Boox ereader.

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