At MIECC, we are pleased to meet Suzana Norlihan Alias ( a barrister who represented Siti Kasim in a Jawi case). posted with Suzana posted with Suzana

She came looking for an ebook reader because of her line of work requires her to read legal documents for long hours, and we are glad that we can help her with our 10 inch Note Plus.

The 10 inch Boox Note Plus is ideal for professional reading

For lawyers, medical officers, engineers and other types of professionals, iPad is not a good choice when it comes to reading. The LED screen featured by iPad is simply not built for long-hour reading; it is just too glaring.

And not only that, general purpose tablets like iPad have too many distractions.  Compare to reading, there are a lot more fun activities that one can do on tablets, such as playing games, watching cat videos on youtube, stalking your friends on facebook…..

On the other hand, PDF files don’t quite work on small size e readers as well, because your attention span will be constantly disrupted when you have to scroll the text left and right.

The 10 inch ebook reader solves this problem perfectly by virtue of its large screen size, and its e-ink screen.

We are confident that with Note Plus, Suzana can now read legal references at everywhere she goes, whenever she likes, and for however long she desires, all without hurting her eyesight.  Not only that, she can also have access to 1 million free kindle ebooks ( courtesy of the complimentary service by

We are at MIECC, Big Bad Wolf Kuala Lumpur Book Fair 2018, until 17/12/2018. If you wish to know how you can read books from Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, Scribd, iBooks and PDF files, all on a single ebook reader, come to meet us! We will be glad to serve you.

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