There was a time when we scribbled notes on our books, we made comments on the margin of the pages. Later we reread the book, we didn’t just read what the original author said, we also read our thoughts.

There was a time when a great French mathematician, Fermat, read a book on number theory. As he made through the text, he made a commentary that would puzzle the whole mathematical world for 300 years.

He claimed that he had a solution to the so-called Fermat Last Theorem, but the page margin was too small and it prevented him to write down the complete proof.

Fermat claimed that he has a solution to a number theory puzzle, but he couldn’t write down the whole proof because the margin is too small. It took mathematicians 300 years to conclude the proof.

Those were the good old days when you could smell the fragrant of the book, and passed around the books ( and your commentaries). At those good old times, handwriting was an art, and people actually took pride at developing their own distinctive handwriting styles.

Now is the bad new day when you read books on kindle or Boox or any e-ink device ( and hopefully, not on tablet or phone, for your eye’s sake!). And no one seems to use handwriting anymore; we type! With that, another art form is lost. It seems that technological advance always has its friendly fire.

Well, not quite.

With Boox Note+ that comes with a Wacom pen, we can resurrect the art of handwriting once more. You can write down your notes in your kindle ebooks, and then instantly share it with your friends, your circles and even the whole world! Watch how to do this below:

With cloud technology, your distinctive handwriting will be stored forever, never to be lost again, unlike handwriting on books which tends to perish together with the host.

Unlike the skeptics, I’m pretty sure Fermat’s proof is totally original, something that will shake the foundation of the mathematics.  Oh how I wish I could go back in time and present Fermat with a Boox Note+, so that he could write down his proof completely!

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