Equipped with relaxing and eye-friendly colors on new Kaleido (Kaleido Plus) eInk screen, as well as versatile writing, drawing Wacom Stylus, it is worth the try to install 100% FREE! No ads, no subscriptions >10,000 eBooks, Educational Games & audiobooks from (Downloadable free from Google Playstore) into New BOOX Nova3 Color 7.8″ Android 10 eReader

Below are optimization necessary to enjoy Khan Academy Kids App in your New BOOX Nova3 Color 7.8″ Android eReader.

  1. Please optimize *Normal mode* Refresh mode for all 3rd party App to minimize Ghosting effect. See more https://fb.watch/62q_Gfu9cp/ and https://fb.watch/62q-yUShM1/

  2. Give Storage Permission to Khan Academy Kids App
Back Lit LED Color Screen vs Front-Lit eye friendly eInk screen

All examples of eBooks & Videos are properties of Khan Academy Kids.

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