With Boox, Amazon ebooks are no longer the only option. You can now get more books than just Amazon ebooks!

Boox comes with a built-in bookstore, JDShop, a shop that features predominantly Chinese books, sourced from 豆瓣读书。If you like modern China Internet literature, this is your go-to place.



Besides that, you can also source the books from the following bookstore:

Kindle App

You can still read Amazon ebooks on Kindle, by downloading the Kindle App onto your Boox ereader.

With that, you can access 6 million books, the biggest book catalog in the world.

Kobo App

Kobo ereader is a serious contender in the space of generic ebook reader, and it also has a bookstore, with millions in the catalog. You can read Kobo books by downloading the app on your Boox ereader!

Google Play Books

The strength of Google Play Books, is that it comes with local content, such as the books written by our current Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir, and books in Bahasa Malaysia.

You can now support your favorite Malay authors by buying and reading their books on Google Books app!

Readmoo App

Want to read Taiwan ebooks? Sorry, you can’t do that in Amazon Kindle ( due to political reasons, or so we heard). But you can do that on a China-branded Boox. Note the irony.

China mainland has a lot of good books, but Taiwan publishing offers a different and equally vast selection. If you don’t want to miss out on Taiwan and HK authors, download this app and access readmoo bookstore.



Scribd interface on Boox Note

With over 60 millions documents, and over 1 million audiobooks and ebooks, scribd is by far the largest digital library exists on earth. And yes, you can read or listen to Scribd books and documents on Boox as well!

AnyBooks App

This is an app that claims to allow you to read hundreds of thousands of ebooks, all for free. Whether the books are legal or not… we cannot tell. So use the app at your own risk!


Probably there are many many more independent, localized bookstores that have an app at Google Play. Boox can support all of them. This makes it an ideal choice for readers who are inclined to read non-English books.

Do you know anymore apps? Do let us know in the comments!


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