We are glad to announce that we are currently accepting the pre-order for the first ever e-ink color eReader, presented by Onyx boox!

The model that we will be accepting pre-order is called Poke 2 color; it’s a 6 inch device ( same size with Kindle). With Octa-core processor, the device should have no problem in rendering large documents and colorful comics.

Because of limited units available, we can only accept 40 pre-orders. Whoever is interested can pre-order at introductory price: RM1,288, only 200 more expensive than the existing Poke2, which makes it quite a bargain.

Here’s a specification comparison between Poke 2 Color and the existing Poke 2:

As a first ever commercial color e-ink reader, the device is only debut in HK and Russia. Malaysia is the third country where the device is on sale. So consider yourself lucky and do get a prized Poke 2 Color!

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