It has been a long time, but finally– finally— we are here, once again, at KL International book fair, Booth DL06, Tun Dr. Ismail (TDI) Hall, from June 3rd – 12th, 2022 (10 days)!

The goodies that we offer

For those who are price-conscious, we are offering discounts and free gifts to those who purchase during this period of time.

On top of the 6 months 1 million free books, we are offering free accessories such as case for both kindle and boox devices ( that worth RM 100 to RM 200).

Unlike at normal times, the price you see above, is already inclusive of the price of a case.

Not only that, we also offer 0% installment facility, so you can buy the device and enjoy now, and only gradually pay back later throughout the months. If you are using Pace app for the first time, we can offer you an additional of RM25 discount. So based on our calculation, the total discount you can get is up to 16%, and this is on top of the 1 million free ebooks.

Let’s take Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen for example. If you are using Pace app for the first time and you opt for installment payment, then for this RM 870 device, you will only have to pay RM265 for 3 months and you get a free case and 1 million ebooks. This is a steal!

But aren’t all eReaders are equally bland?

Some might think that they have seen two eReaders and one too many; all eReaders are the same, black and white! Well no, we have a new color eReader for you: 7.8” NovaAirC.

It’s the latest incarnation of the eReader family. With color and warm lights, you can now read comic under a blanket at night with your eyes protected( shh… just don’t tell your mom). With a pen, you can also turn it into a scribbling device when you are about to doze off during a boring lecture, and still make your lecturer thinks that you are attentive. And with our FREE magnetic protective case, you can easily turn pages effortlessly while at the same time, protect your device.

For all the good points I mention, you really have to see it and try it, words can’t do justice here.

And we have Nazir among us!

Nazir Razak, the brother of our ex-PM, took the podium this afternoon, with his NEW book, What’s In a Name.

What’s In a Name

Ever a thoughtful person, Nazir came to share about his idea in reforming the institutions of the country. We really appreciate what he is doing, but I afraid we are not too sanguine about his proposal.

Nazir, if you happened to read this blog post, make sure that you also read our review of the book and you will know why. Do give us your thoughts!

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