Update 22/8/2020: the Poke 2 Color is now available for preorder!

E-Ink readers are always black and white, ever since Kindle was being introduced in 2007. The strengths of black and white e-ink are obvious: it doesn’t strain the eyes, it feels like papers with high contrast & high resolution (300ppi). It is perfect for reading!

But, there is one segment of reading materials that e-ink readers doesn’t work so well: fully colored manga/comics or magazines. For years comic fans have been asking for a color e-ink reader, but due to technological limitation, color e-ink readers were out of reach, at least to average consumers.

Now, things start to change. ONYX BOOX has just released a teaser video of its COLOR eReader, dubbed Poke2 Color with reported screen resolution of just over 100 PPI as compared de-facto 300ppi on New BOOX Poke2 Android 9 eReader that are available in Malaysia now here. BOOX Poke2 Color will have a octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM and around 32GB of internal storage. It will be running Android 9.0 and have Google Play Store ready just like its newly launched sibling New BOOX Poke2 Android 9 eReader.

Checkout interesting showcase of using BOOX Poke2 Color to play animations or anime like cartoons from 2.20 mins. BOOX Poke2 Color seems able refresh its Color eInk screen at acceptable refresh rates. This holds a lot of potentials for parents finally able to offer their children with a sensible gadget to replace smartphones with eye friendly & glare-free Color eInk screen. No price and planned release date has been revealed.

Even though we still don’t quite know when it would be launched but we are pretty excited about it. In addition to being a good news to comic fans, we hope that the introduction of Color eReader will shake up the sleepy eReader markets ( the technology of eReader is moving at a snail pace), and give Amazon Kindle a run of its money!

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