Last week, just before the Malaysia government issued the Movement Control Order (MCO), I had the privilege to meet with a BOOX Android eReader fan from Canada, Neil, who showed me how BOOX NovaPro 7.8″ Android eReader can be of use in the church. 

Anyone still go to church with a Bible and a notepad?

The rise of smartphones somewhat negates the need of bringing your own Bible because now you can just refer to apps and take notes on the phone. But it is not ideal; first, the screen is glaring, and secondly, taking notes on a small screen device is very hard. 

Enter BOOX NovaPro 7.8″ Android eReader.

One thing that BOOX NovaPro7.8″ Android eReader excels in is the note taking ability. With a Wacom Stylus pen and big screen, suddenly it becomes so much easier to copy and paste scriptures and then add your notes. You can of course then export notes to Google Drive, DropBox or other cloud storage of your choosing easily.

BOOX NovaPro 7.8″ Android eReader runs on Android 6.0 now and soon to be Android 9, which means that there are a vast selection of excellent Android apps. Logos Bible is one of such resources, as it has a powerful search engine, step by step Bible study instructions, and lots of commentaries, dictionaries and devotionals built in. Want to cross check what is the original Greek or Hebrew word? Check. Want to prepare your sermons with your favorite commentaries? Check. Starting your morning devotion? Check. You can do all these, without distractions, from your BOOX NovaPro 7.8″ Android eReader.

Also, BOOX Professional Android eReader can also be used to play games– simple text games like Kittens Game. While it is true that BOOX Professional Android eReader is generally not suitable for games with multimedia content, it can handle text games pretty well. BOOX Professional Android eReader is indeed a great time killer amidst Covid 19 lockdown. 

Speaking about Covid 19 Movement Restriction Order, we are advised to not go out unnecessarily, not even for work or for any form of social gathering.Thus this is actually a great opportunity to read books and to think. Besides enjoying Read for Free 1 Million Kindle eBooks & over 5,000 Audiobooks from Kindle Malaysia club Library,  you can also access our national and state library selections via Libby App with claim of offering up to 13.2 Million eBook titles for free. This is significantly more than Kindle eBooks. 

If 13.2 Million Free eBooks from our national & state library still cannot convince you to starting reading eBooks at home, enjoy RM300 Off for New BOOX NovaPro 7.8″ Android eReader with Wacom Stylus Pen, Stylish Case for RM1,388.

Enjoy reading!

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