The E Ink technology has now found uses outside of the traditional eBook reader domain.

Using E Ink technology as a Newspaper screen on the wall

Displaying the New York Times front page on E Ink Smart Screen

Max Braun, a Director of Engineering at Google X, constructed a gigantic 31.2-inch monochrome display and use it to display the content of New York Times on his wall. Not bad waking up everyday reading the breaking news on your wall!

Building an E-Ink Laptop

Sitting in front of a computer is a tiring experience because of the blue lights the LCD screen emits. So Alexander Soto took the task upon himself to build an E Ink laptop.

It’s a custom built machine, you can head over to his post to read how he did it.

These two projects are hobbyist projects, and have not entered into the realm of commercialization. Now this begs the question of why E Ink display doesn’t have the varieties and is not as popular as the LCD/LED screen? Because of price, obviously. And some say it’s all because of the patent hold by the E-ink, the company, who uses the patent to the detriment of the progress in the field.

Whatever it is, we hope that E Ink will soon receive more attention and development than it currently receives. As a programmer, I can’t tell you how much my eyes appreciate a display screen that reduces/eliminates the blue light emission. Such a product will benefit the digital workers at large tremendously.

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