A lot of people like to ask us: does kindle support EPUB book format? I would like to read KOBO/Google Play books, can I do that on Kindle?

Short answer: No, you can’t.

Amazon Kindle only supports MOBI and AWZ ( Amazon own native format). Remember, Kindle is just a loss-leader that induces readers to spend money on Amazon’s ebooks. Every single time you buy books on KOBO/Google Play, Amazon won’t get a cut. THus there is no incentive for Amazon to support any other format except its own.

So, if you want to read EPUB format, you have to go for Boox ebook readers.

Currently, Boox comes in 3 models:

  1. The 6 inch Poke Pro
  2. The 7.8 inch Nova
  3. The gigantic 10 inch Note+ ( that comes with a wacom pen!)

With Boox, you can read books in any file format, be it txt, EPUB, MOBI, AWZ, PDF, DOC… you name it!

And since it is a generic Android ebook reader, you can read any books from any publishers, as long as they have an android app presence.

Want to read Taiwan books, readmoo? Check.

Want to read Kobo books? Check

Want to read Malay books from Google Play? ( Yes, there are ample selection of Malay titles from Google Play Malaysia!) Check.

Still want to read Kindle books on Boox? Yes, you can do that too!

( Don’t forget to check out our top read app list on Boox ereader!)

Boox is a versatile ebook reader, that caters to your every reading needs. If you detest Amazon monopoly and would like to make a statement ( to be honest we don’t), you can always opt for Boox. Support the underdog!

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