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Download & Read for Free over 180,000 Chinese eBooks from 京东读书VIP alongside like-minded avid readers

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  1. Enjoy Read For Free over 180,000 Chinese eBooks eBooks from 京东读书VIP for RM10/month alongside like-minded avid readers group with Free Starbucks Signature Breakfast & Coffee together every month from now until Aug 31, 2022: BOOX Malaysia Club Library renewal is NOT compulsory after Aug 31, 2022After expiry, you will be reminded to renew BOOX Malaysia Club Library to continue to read all the eBooks that you have previously downloaded. You may also use your own dedicated Account in your BOOX Android eReader. 京东读书VIP is like a forbidden fruit to the rest of the world. BOOX Malaysia Club Library is pleased to serve all BOOX Fans who are from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iran, and many more.
    Period 1 Dec 2020–
    31st Aug 22
    1st Mar 21-
    31st Aug 22
    1st Jun 21 –
    31st Aug 22
    1st Sep 21 – 31st Aug 22
    Fees RM210 RM180 RM150 RM120
    Months 23 18 15 12
  2. Enjoy Free Starbucks Signature Breakfast at BOOX Malaysia Fans Club Gathering on 1st Saturday of every month at Starbucks Reserve, Level 2@ The Gardens, Mid Valley, from 10am – 12pm. Check  here for latest events on Facebook.

Is BOOX Malaysia Club Library Worth it for Malaysian?

  1. 京东读书VIP has one of the largest collection of Chinese eBooks, among eBook subscription services (i.e. WeChat Read, Kobo Taiwan, etc.)
  2. Enjoy real time conversion from Simplified to Traditional Chinese for all eBooks from BOOX Malaysia Club Library.
  3. You can freely explore new authors & books across genres in BOOX Malaysia Club Library.
  4. Only one (1) BOOX Android eReader device is allowed to register the shared BOOX Malaysia Club Library Account.
  5. BOOX Malaysia Club membership is for everyone, non-BOOX Malaysia fans are welcome to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens when more than 1 BOOX Malaysia Club member is reading the same eBook at the same time?
A: No issues. Both BOOX Malaysia Club members can enjoy the same eBook from their own BOOX Android e-reader at the same time at different pages.

Q: What happens if a paid eBook outside of BOOX Malaysia Club Library subscription is made from the shared BOOX Malaysia Club Membership without any JD Gift Card balance?
A: Please call us at +6012 465 2232 or email us at You may have caused BOOX Malaysia Club Library service interruption to 10 avid-readers in your group. NO refund of BOOX Malaysia club membership will be made. 

Q: How can I buy paid eBooks outside of BOOX Malaysia Club Library subscription?
A: You will be guided to buy redeem Gift Card to be redeemed into BOOX Malaysia Club library account. Gift Card balance will deducted when you buy your desired paid eBook. You may buy new Gift Card claim code easily with your own Malaysia Credit Card from here.

For more information about BOOX Malaysia Club Library, call us at +6012 4652232 email

How to Buy

  1. Credit Card Payment via iPay88 or PayPal (You don’t need to register an account with PayPal),
  2. Direct Bank Debit to Maybank Account: 512884073438 (Quantum Gadgets Sdn Bhd) and email to or whatsapp to us at 0124652232


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