For the longest time we contemplate on making our presence felt at Lazada and Shopee, and now, finally, we are there!



This must be the question that a lot of people would like to ask; aren’t we are already quite established here at and

Well Yes. But also, we are looking forward to serve those who usually shop at Lazada /Shopee. Using online shopping platform is more like a habit nowadays, and each person has his/her own preference. You might like some features at Lazada/Shopee so much that you would want to shop there if you have a choice, but you also want the 1 million free books Kindle Unlimited Club membership, so why can’t you have the best of both worlds?

Now you can, by buying from our Lazada/Shopee page!

Despite that, we shall retain our “traditional” online shop at and, because Lazada/Shopee simply won’t allow us to put our phone number on the page or allow offline transaction. A lot of boox/kindle fans would want to see the device first before they can commit. Not only that, our online shop allows us to add values to our fans via blog posts and how-to guide. Online shop can serve well in both cases.

Also, the selection at Lazada/Shopee is quite limited compared to our online shop. We have less flexibility in configuration at Lazada/Shopee. So if you want full selection, please visit !

You can visit us at the following URL:

  1. Lazada
  2. Shopee

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