Last week we witnessed the launching of a NEW color e-ink reader– Nova3 Color 7.8” Android eReader. For those who miss the launching, you can still watch the launching event via the following YouTube video:

7.8” Nova3 color is not the first color ereader, before this we have limited edition 6” Poke2 color ereader. Besides the size ( 7.8” vs. 6”) and the Android version ( 10 vs 9), Nova3 color aims to be the first of a stable product line, which means we can expect the future product lines of Nova to continue to feature a color ereader.

Here’s a review in Chinese/Cantonese, that pretty much sums up the capability of the Nova3 color eReader (Kaleido Plus) compared to Poke2 Color (Kaleido).

( Spoiler: huge improvement over Poke2 color).

Here’s another review from Goodereader

You can also pre-order Nova3 color eReader with us. Due to a slowdown in global supply chain, we are expected to receive the device only in April, so preorder now to secure the price!

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