BOOX eReader is an Android ebook reader, and hence it can support a lot of third party apps.

A lot of times the apps must be optimized in order to provide the best reading experience. In some cases, you might find that you want to speed up the page turning of the books in the apps; in the other cases, you want to bold the fonts so that the contrasts between the white background and the words are more pronounced; or you might just want to make the app icons look bigger and sharper on the screen. Being a flexible ereader, all these are configurable.

[Update Nov 22, 2019] Following firmware update 2.2.1, BOOX Android eReader requires the following optimisation to operate optimally.

Step 1. When you are inside a 3rd Party app, Tab on App Optimisation and go to Other and then “Reset All”
 BOOX Android eReader App-Optimisation-Reset-All

Step 2. Under Refresh Tab, Choose Force A2 Mode as highlighted below

BOOX Android eReader App-Optimisation-Refresh-Mode-Force-A2

BOOX Android eReader App-Optimisation-Refresh-Mode-Force-A2

Step 3. Under Display tab, Check Embolden Font. 

Step 1: Tab on the app long enough to select the Optimize option

Select the Optimize option

Step 2: Choose the Use Force A2 Mode in order to have smoother page turning effect

What if I want to read comic/manga?

If you are reading a graphic intensive book/comic, you may also want to turn on the A2 mode, which makes navigation and scrolling more robust, but  at a lower image quality.

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