Revisit & Relearn with Readwise

When you were reading a book, and you stumbled across a great point, or key points in the chapter, what would you do? You will highlight them. Will you ever visit them again? If your answer is no – well, I am guilty too. Worry not, because there is a tool that help you aggregates highlights and event reminds you to revisit them. The tool is an apps called Readwise, a complement app to enhance your reading experience and help you to retain more information.

One of the core features in Readwise is daily review, it keeps the highlight that you make fresh in mind deliver to you daily. A group of highlights that you can organise and personalise that will send out to you via email, or you can install the apps in your phone and browse from there. You can personalise your daily review either based on tags or books.


Syncs Your Highlights across Multiple Reading Platforms

Readwise syncs all your highlight from Kindle, Instapaper, Pocket, iBooks and more reading platform, including PDFS, Twitter and Medium.  Interestingly, you can also manually add highlights from physical book and sources. You can add highlights via text or photo which is very convenient. You can snap a page and the apps will recognise the text and you can select which text to be keep as highlights. All your highlights are going to resurface into Readwise.

Every morning, Readwise will give you 5 highlights for you to review, and you can adjust the number of highlights per day and its recency by going to your setting page, as well as you can set your email preferences. Additionally, you can interact with them too, you can keep or discard the highlights and give feedback when you want the highlight appears again.

I also usually hightlighted the new words that I discover with intention to expand my vocabulary.

One of the way to remember the new words is by understanding it’s meaning and also look for it’s  synonym. Readwise has friendly interface for me to change the highlighted words into flashcards.


Organize & Tag Your Highlights for Future Reference

Another feature is tagging, by tagging your highlights accordingly, your highlights are organised and easy to look back. You can also browse your saved highlights based on category, i.e., books, tweets, and tags. You can easily share, edit, like and tag your highlights.

Plus point to Readwise is that it has the ability to sync with other tolls or platform that you already use for instance Evernote, Notion, and Roam.

By utilising this app, you can retain information more and longer. Hence, Readwise is very suitable for those who read non-fiction or academic books and journal where you want to remember and apply the knowledge. Readwise is convenient and practical in my journey to expand my knowledge and my vocabulary, with this apps, I could revisit, relearn the words again and again until I memorise it.

You can install Readwise App from Google Play in any of your Android Device as well as your Onyx BOOX Android eReader.

Have you tried this apps? Please share your experience if you have, I would love to hear. Also please leave a comment if you want a review of different apps. Like our post? Follow us on our Facebook Page for more updates 🙂


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